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Treasure combines crafting, safety and fun.


We’re passionate about our core message of helping keep kids safe while at the same time giving families something they can do together which doesn't involve electricity.


Children love opening their Treasure boxes and making beautiful jewellery from our beads.


So why not bring together our accessible, fun product with your brand and literally, put your message into their hands?


Our Treasure boxes can have our branding removed and yours added in its place.  Within weeks of developing our product we had interest from senior football clubs, recording artists and other businesses who saw the value in licensing our intellectual property. They wanted children to be playing with their brand and building and wearing jewellery in their colours and containing their message.


We would be delighted to consider a partnership with your business and invite you to get in touch if you have an audience of young people (ideally 6 year old to 11 years old) - who would enjoy getting hands on with your brand.


Perhaps you have a television show, popular artist or cartoon character - a Treasure licensing deal could be a lucrative brand extension.


At a time when everyone is competing for audiences to download apps to their phone, don’t overlook the value of successfully persuading them to physically wear your brand.


Please get in touch to find out more.