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Charity work

Our core reason for being is helping families and we want to do that in as many ways as we can.

And we are proud to announce that our charity of the year is Child Hope, funding the Empowering teenage mothers project in Sierra Leone. Donating £1 of every box sold and organising events throughout the year to support these aspirational Mums.
This is a cause close to our Founder Amanda's heart, being a single Mum herself - she would not have been able to make Treasure happen without the support of her loving family. These girls have no-one, being abandoned by their partner, forced to drop out of school and leave home due to their pregnancy - and still they have the motivation to start a business and build a better life for their family, so we want to help as many of them as we can.
The project provides skills training in things like tailoring, embroidery, hairdressing and cloth-weaving, and the girls receive business start-up kits once they finish the training.
They’re also educated in literacy, numeracy, business management and other life skills to ensure they can provide a stable income for their family and become self-reliant. 
Just £126 will cover the childcare cost for them while they go through the training of their choice. In the UK Mums have access to free or discounted childcare at some stage before starting schools, these Mums do not have this option and with no family to relay on this gives them no option but to stay at home with their child...we hope to give as many Mums another option this year and help them fulfil their dream of starting their own business.
We will be doing events throughout the year, and will update this on how you can get involved. If you would like to hear more about the amazing work Child Hope or donate directly you can do so here - https://www.childhope.org.uk/
“I lost my father and could not complete school. During the Ebola, I got pregnant and my partner denied the pregnancy. I had no one to support me and my family; my mother is a single parent. When I gave birth, a friend informed me of the FFF centre where I took training in tailoring and embroidery. Now I can earn money to provide food for the home and care for my child. With two others, we have started up our own business; we are happy together.” Mariama