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And we're off!

Hi friends (old and new)

So excited that you are on the new site right now! Welcome :)

We have been on quiet the journey to get here and I am so excited to show you my second child (Treasure, hehe!).

I truly hope you love the product as much as we do. Everything has been carefully selected to be as bright and cheery as the children we love. Some of the best moments I have from my childhood are when I had a girls my Mum and we put the tele off and got creative! We used to make jewellery, collages, paint and always used to look forward to this quality time, I hope you can enjoy the same time with Treasure and create those special moments with your special people.

If you like the site or have any comments, please let me know you dropped by.

Really appreciate your visit - hope you have a wonderful day and Easter break,

Amanda xx