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Treasure Toyz started in 2015 by (now) busy Mum Amanda under the name "Phone My Mum". Amanda handmade each bracelet and keyring and accessory to order and sold in stalls around Scotland online on Amazon, Etsy and her own website. Orders started really picking up making it hard to keep on top of and she kept getting told the same thing "we would love to be able to make the accessories with our kids", one baby, a lot of beads and one heck of a journey later and bang "Treasure" was born!
From having an overprotective Mum who used to pin phone numbers on her jackets, and now having a toddler who can move at superhuman speed - her mission is to give parents that extra peace of mind when out with their children...that if they get lost, they will get re-united as quickly as possible (and look super fashionable at the same time).
The company is also very passionate about unplugging and spending quality family time, and what better way to spend an afternoon than making some beautiful jewellery with that extra safety twist. 
All boxes are lovingly packed and wrapped in our office on the beautiful West Coast of Scotland.