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Big big thank you to everyone who made this possible!

OK, this is going to be a bit of a big long grammy speech, so just a warning - you may want to change the channel/ look at another page now but I just want to really take the time to try and thank absolutely everybody who has helped me make my dream a reality, as you might know it has been one bumpy rollercoaster ride!

If I have forgotten anyone I am truly sorry and give me into trouble next time I see you! (but remember I am a sleep - deprived toddler Mum, so go easy!)

First of all my family, every single one of them have helped in every way they can from packing boxes, making pledges, watching my little man when I go to trade shows...I could go on for day but just wanted to say I just love you all so much and am forever grateful for everything you have all done and continue to do for me xx

Fiona, you are such a lovely selfless person, thank you for your work, roadtrip, getting your lovely daughter to model and every peace of advice and documents you have helped me with x

Mhairi, thank you for always being so positive and despite being busy always asking what you can do to help.

Catherine, thank you for selflessly giving up your time and keeping me sane last summer.

Melanie, Annabelle, Mirelle, Amber, Joanne and all the female entrepreneurs I have met along the way - you continue to inspire me every day.

Jason, thank you for making the video, which helped me win Young EDGE.

Laura, thank you to you and Fiona for believing in me and the product since the beginning and being on our journeys together.

Jim (BG advisor) thank you for always jumping through hoops to help me get to the next stage.

Drew - OMG, the product would not look the way it does without your amazing talent, you have been an absolute pleasure to work with and I thank you so much for taking a chance on this at the early stages (and continuing to help). If anyone is looking for a designer, I will gladly introduce you and you can thank me later :)

Camryn,  thank you for jumping in with both feet to any task thrown your way. So great to have you in the team.

Lorraine, thank you to you and the kids for helping in the modelling shoots, the likes, shares on social media and advice and ear to moan too :)

Iain, for your absolutely amazing pics and professionalism which makes the product look so good!

Dawn, for all the likes, shares, pledges and always encouraging words.

Jo - for all the love and random shares from Oz 

Julie, for being mostly the only person to like all my Phone My Mum posts, despite not even having a child! And donating to the crowdfund!

Jamie, for taking those early photos for Phone My Mum.

Debbie,  for helping organise my first photoshoot, and all of your likes, shares and support.

Scott, Stacey, Andy and everyone who donating to the crowdfund!

James at David at JBG for the early help :)

Facebook friends (in general!) - thank you for all of your advice when and not unfriending me when I have been asking for constant feedback. Every opinion, like or share has not went unnoticed as the opinions on Facebook have helped me complete the product and decide which licensing deals to persue.

Lomond, my beautiful boy - thank you for making everything worthwhile and making me want to become a better person every day and build this business for a better life for us both.

And last but absolutely not least our Phone My Mum and Treasure customers who have stuck with us along the way. Really, really hope you love the new version as much as we do.

So chuffed to have have the finished product on sale, and if anyone would like advice on how to design a toy, find manufactuers, get safety tests - any questions at all - I would absolutely love to be able to help. I couldn't find any centrallised place to find all of the information and it has made for one bumpy but exciting ride! I really mean it, anyone at all has any questions please just get in touch and I would really love to help you.

Round this off with a promise the posts will be more fun and less cheese! Haha, hope you love the new site.

Lots of love,

Amanda xx